The Future Perfect opens a third Los Angeles location in a Trousdale Estates home

Casa Tres

The Future Perfect, a New York-based design gallery founded in 2003, recently opened up the fourth installment of its Casa Perfect concept in Trousdale Estates, an entirely residential district of Beverly Hills. Set within a sprawling home designed by Raul F. Garduno in 1971, the home is the third in Los Angeles used by the gallery as an appointment-only showroom.

Marenco Sofa by Mario Marenco, Wild Sculptural Chairs by ROOM, and Rough Dining Table by Sam Accocceberry (Douglas Friedman)

Furniture pieces from the Wonky collection, by Matthew Day Jackson (Douglas Friedman)

“Our new home for Casa Perfect LA is my favorite house yet,” gallery founder David Alhadeff said. “The Casa Perfect concept for me has always been about utilizing incredible architecture—in this case, a jewel that has been virtually untouched since 1971—as a backdrop for our contemporary program.”

Caliche Floor Lamp by Chris Wolston. (Douglas Friedman)

Kitchen with Blowing Armchair 5, Yellow Blowing Stool 1, and Blowing Stool 2 by Seungjin Yang (Douglas Friedman)

The gallery’s first exhibition features work from Matthew Day Jackson’s Wonky collection, an artist that has collaborated with the gallery in the past. According to the artist, this new series is comedic and imprecise in spirit; its pieces are made with basic tools and are willfully imbued with cosmetic imperfections to highlight the labor that went into making them.

The showroom is set within a home designed by Raul F. Garduno. (Douglas Friedman)

Furniture pieces are also exhibited in the former home’s backyard. (Douglas Friedman)

The home also includes work from several other artists and designers represented by the gallery, including Floris Wubben, Chris Wolston, John Hogan, Chen Chen & Kai Williams, Lindsey Adelman, Bari Ziperstein, Eric Roinestad, Bec Brittain, Cody Hoyt, Ben & Aja Blanc, Seungjin Yang, Christopher Stuart, and Reinaldo Sanguino.

Header image: Furniture pieces from the Wonky collection, by Matthew Day Jackson, beneath Maxhedron 30” by Bec Brittain (Douglas Friedman)