Current Objects provides a marketplace for architect-designed objects

Layer State

Current Objects is an online shop that offers collectible designs by architecturally minded creators. The shop is an imprint of Object Projects, a California-based, women-owned architectural practice founded by Sarah Hirschman and Ann Worth. The operation describes itself as “a publication of small things; a digital (and sometimes physical) store; and a forum for experimentation, production, and extension of architectural practice and research.”

These ceramic vases combine technology and sustainability using 3D printing. All proceeds go to the ISU Ceramics Studio. (Courtesy Current Objects)

A repurposed space blanket by Alicia Moreira features a sheep’s wool interior. (Courtesy Current Objects)

Its drops are organized into thematic issues. The first, under the heading Reflect, included offerings like the Space Tote—a mylar handbag by Alicia Moreira—among other objects by MR Studio, office ca, and rockpaperscissors. Layer, the second issue, is a smaller release, with items by the Iowa State University Ceramics and Computation and Construction Lab, Labo-d’, and obj.

The 2024 Moon Calendar by Object Projects prints the phases of the moon across a cotton bandana. (Courtesy Current Objects)

A silk scarf from Donna Mena logs the anticipated sea level rise in San Francisco. (Courtesy Current Objects)

Their newest issue is titled, Contain/Hold, and features a silk scarf printed with an anticipated sea level rise map of San Francisco by Donna Mena, nesting bowls crocheted out of damaged or out of date Current Objects projects by Mariah Smith, and a 2024 moon calendar silkscreened on a cotton bandana by Object Projects.