Inside Deborah Berke Partners’ inspired textile collaboration with Warp & Weft

Thread Together

Regardless of the typology, New York based studio Deborah Berke Partners is notorious for adding poetic stretches of natural light. Instances of this functional, yet pleasantly esoteric design solution include: swathes of light that thread through the staircase at the Bayside House; the gaping glass ceiling and floor panels that provide daylight to multiple floors at the Nashville 21c Museum Hotel; and the five-story atrium that cuts through the core of the 21c Museum Hotel Louisville. Naturally, daylighting became the main source of inspiration for the architecture practice’s first product line, a rug collection in collaboration with Warp & Weft.

Aptly dubbed Light & Shadow, DBP partner Kiki Dennis explained the initial design was driven by images of the firm’s architecture: “As a group, we very drawn to photos that were abstracted and focused on light, shadow, and materiality.” According to Dennis, the process was very fluid and began with an open-ended powwow in their office. “We studied dozens of images and narrowed them to a grouping,” she said. “Color was initially developed in renderings and with yarn poms and sampling.” This prototyping between image and material allowed the firm to incorporate a color sensibility that felt true to their body of work and naturally work with any space.

Dawn 2. (Courtesy Warp & Weft)

Dawn 1. (Courtesy Warp & Weft)

Dawn 3. (Courtesy Warp & Weft)

Pictured above, Dawn is the first of three textile collections by DBP for Warp &Warp. Later this year, the duo plans two introduce two other collections: Midday, handmade wool rugs from India; and Dusk, a collection with copious texture currently in development. With a neutral color palette, all three collections are designed for boutique hospitality, commercial, and multifamily residential use.

Header image: Designed by partners Kiki Dennis, Deborah Berke, Stephen Brockman, Terrence Schroeder, and Caroline Wharton Ewing, the Light & Shadow collection by Deborah Berke Partners is inspired by natural patterns of light and shadow. (Courtesy Deborah Berke Partners)