An early look at the designs on view at Head Hi’s 2024 Lamp Show

Light On

a toaster that is actually a lamp at Head Hi Lamp Show

The fifth edition of The Head Hi Lamp Show returns this week for NYCxDesign. Opening May 17, the exhibition features 54 designers and craftsmen, which, per tradition, were sourced from an international open call by Head Hi. The series’ funky and kitsch lighting—in addition to price tags ranging from $8 to $8,000—has made The Lamp Show a fixture of New York design week for its accessibility to designers from all experience levels and locations. The 2024 edition promises to be just as illuminating on what can or can’t be a lamp.

a group of light fixtures
From left to right: Pat Kim’s Clouded Mountain, 2023; Studio Armando Aguirre’s Les Geaux Desny, 2024; Sheerly Touch-Ya’s Leg Avenue, 2024; Claws Design Studio’s Orbit Wall Lamp, 2022 (Fabrizio Amoroso)

a light fixture
Alain Grossenbacher presents Pink Motel during the show (Fabrizio Amoroso)

a lamp
Dexter Callender III’s Imagined Sconce is part of the 2024 show (Fabrizio Amoroso)

Head Hi—the Brooklyn-based bookstore and organization dedicated to art and design programming—is hosting the show at an offsite location for the first time at an event space at 102 Franklin in Tribeca. The organization received over 300 submissions during this year’s open call. The final pieces on display were selected by cofounders Alexandra Hodkowski and Alvaro Alcocer who focused on curating the exhibition to feature a diversity of backgrounds, experimental approaches, and an array of materials and skills.

a light bulb on a role stuck into a rock
Qiaosen Yang of Qiaosen Studio showcases Sidewalk, 2024 (Fabrizio Amoroso)

a small lamp
Matthew Neporent will feature DOS 401 (Fabrizio Amoroso)

A toaster with light-up bread, a lamp based in a rock, and a glowing hair piece are just some of the offbeat additions to the line-up. The participating designers in the show include New York–based architectural lighting designers STUDIO ATOMIC in addition to AFG Objects, Artel Design Studio, Anything Anywhere Incorporated, Zoe Polycarpou, Lilly Nguyễn, and many more.

lamp with rounded shade
Claws Design Studio presents Orbit Wall Lamp for Head Hi (Fabrizio Amoroso)

The Les Geaux Desny by Studio Armando Aguirre is featured in the exhibit (Fabrizio Amoroso)

The fifth anniversary also marks the last year the exhibition will operate on an annual basis. Going forward, The Lamp Show will transition to a biannual format with the next sixth edition scheduled to return in 2026.

small lamp with decorative face at Head Hi Lamp Show
The Rhymes with Cherry Lamp by Shawn Michael Lucas Studio is featured in the show (Fabrizio Amoroso)

light with shaggy exterior at Head Hi Lamp Show
STUDIO ATOMIC presents KANNA for the 2024 edition (Fabrizio Amoroso)

Until then, the 2024 show is on view until May 19. Afterward, the lamps will be available for purchase from May 22 until October 2024 via Head Hi’s website.