Fino Lozano’s House 690 speaks with architectonic candor


Fino Lozano of Zapopan, Mexico-based practice Delfino Lozano designed the sprawling House 690 with context and local materials in mind. A carefully planned layout accommodates an unencumbered transition between intimate private rooms and double-height social spaces.

Iron-framed arched windows anchor into thick exterior walls.

Architectonic elements, such as a monolithic staircase can be found through out the project.

(César Béjar)

Throughout, thick white-glassed walls help anchor thin arched, ironwork exposures and articulate structural details, including the architectural imprint of monumental stairwells. A delicate distribution of geometric elements—windows, doors, and reliefs—cut through the building’s sizable mass. This approach employs a vocabulary that carries through to both indoor and semi-enclosed outdoor spaces.



Richly-grained wood is used through the project, as both architectural cladding and built-in FFE.

Perched above one of the home's multiple double-height space, this landing doubles as a fitted-in desk.

The project's pure architectonic character carries through to an enclosed courtyard. (César Béjar)

Seeking to express an emphatically local yet contemporary style—what Delfino Lozano codifies as Mexiterraneo— the project is imbued with large cubic voids, perfect for bringing in natural light and ensuring good ventilation.

Blurring the boundaries between furniture and architecture, this project is a true testament to minimalism.

(César Béjar)

A sober material palette of concrete and metal is complemented by the firm’s amble use of richly grained and patinated wood. With the sparse implementation of FFE shifting focus to the home’s architectonic splendor, this material forms perfectly as built-in cabinets, desks, and a custom kitchen island.

An elevation and floor plan reveal the full scope of the project.

(Courtesy Fino Lozano)

However minimal the overall project might seem, quirky element such as wall-inserted light recesses add character.  And yet, this refined expression does not distract from the fact that every possible corner of the home has been carefully considered and used efficiently. What might seem like a playful yet frivolous ornament is, in fact, functional when encountered from a different vantage point.