Hem’s latest venture nurtures emerging designers’ bold ideas

Collaboration Station

Founded by Petrus Palmér in 2014, Hem, or “home” in Swedish, is a Stockholm-based brand best known for its furnishings, lighting, rugs, and accessories. With locations in Stockholm, New York, and Los Angeles, Hem produces both in-house designs as well as collaborative lines with influential contemporary designers, including Sabine Marcellis, Luca Nichetto, and Formafantasma.

This spring, in the same spirit of collaboration, Hem launched Hem X, a platform that works directly with selected curators, artists, and designers on limited editions of 100 pieces or fewer.

“Palmér was inspired to create a platform that would allow the brand a freer form of exploration, in juxtaposition to the traditional product development process where manufacturing and supply chain methods can be constraining,” the company noted in a press release.

Resier created a mold out of welding rings cut from an old pipe. (Martin Brusewitz)

The impetus for Hem X was a 2019 collaboration on limited-edition design objects with London-based gallery and magazine Modern Design Review. Strong demand motivated Hem to elevate the original concept into an ongoing program of partnerships with different curators. Swedish interior design firm Arranging Things joined as curators soon after; bringing in three up-and-coming Swedish makers for the launch of Hem X.

For young designers Rasmus Nossbring, Lisa Reiser, and Jonatan Nilsson, the project provided manufacturing resources that expanded the designers’ capacity to produce series rather than the one-offs they might realistically complete on their own. Nossbring’s “Monument” includes 15 glass sculptures, Reiser’s “Moln” is a series of 35 pink metallic glass and silver clouds, and Nilsson’s 35 “Power Plinths” can act as either standalone works or pedestals for other objects.

Moln by Lisa Reiser (Martin Brusewitz)

Power Plinth by Jonatan Nilsson (Martin Brusewitz)

Monument by Rasmus Nossbring (Martin Brusewitz)

While each piece has its own character distinct from Hem’s main product line, all Hem X works will be signed, numbered, and sold on hem.com.

(Martin Brusewitz)