KooZA/rch and (ab)Normal put inspiration on a pedestal at Salone del Mobile

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Photo of yellow plastic pedestals supporting small plastic objects in a room with blue-purple walls

Online architecture representation platform KooZA/rch and multidisciplinary collective (ab)Normal put together a colorful installation at the 2019 Salone del Mobile in Milan. Titled MICRO TOOLS: THE INVISIBLE SYNAPSE, the micro-exhibition asked a bunch of designers to display a compact set of objects or memory “tools” that inspired them.

Photo of yellow plastic pedestals supporting small plastic objects in a room with blue-purple walls
The designers' contributions rested on yellow plastic platforms in a purplish-blue room. (Louis De Belle)

Photo of yellow plastic pedestals supporting displays with many little objects
Takk's contribution, Portable Garden, on right, collected a mix of natural and artificial debris, all painted gold. (Louis De Belle)

Andrew Kovacs | Archive of Affinities, Bureau Spectacular, COOKIES X GHL with the support of Potier Stone, Edouard Cabay, Irina Kirchuk, KOSMOS, Lemonot, Superpoly, Studio Mutt, and Takk all presented their takes on the brief. Some included an actual briefcase.

Photo of hexagonal yellow plastic pavilions supporting a variety of cases and small objects
Organizers were inspired by Duchamp’s Boîte-en-valise, and participants had to fit their pieces in a 15 by 15 by 6 inch volume. (Louis De Belle)

The walls of the installation’s room were outfitted with purplish-blue graphics that referenced lo-fi rendered environments, and pedestals of tightly packed bright yellow plastic tubes held up the installations. According to the show’s organizers, “The shimmering graphics…project the viewer into a parallel dimension, creating a utopian scenario that revolves around and reflects the contributions of the guest designers.”

Photo of a display case with small models inside
Kosmos presented tiny architectural pavilion models. (Louis De Belle)

Photo of a yellow ceramic object standing on a platform on sponges
Studio MUTT created a "monumental swear jar" collecting things the firm has sampled and referenced. (Louis De Belle)

Photo of a lilac valise containing a glass, netting, and a ceramic object
Superpoly brought together objects that feature "art, pop culture, [and] traditional craftsmanship." (Louis De Belle)

The designers presented a range of objects, from tiny models of unbuilt pavilions, to bits of branches and leaves, to a plastic case bought on eBay.

The show was part of Alcova’s installation at the Salone, joining other design and architecture installations.

Header photo by Louis De Belle.