Moderne Gallery celebrates its 35th Anniversary with a new showroom

Warehouse Wares

A pioneer of and leading authority on American studio crafts—furniture, ceramics, and turned wood—Moderne Gallery has been a staple of the Philadelphia art and design scene for four decades. It opened at a time when the city only hosted five such platforms. The gallery has seen the town flourish into one of the country’s foremost hotbeds of creative output.

A longtime resident of Old City Philadelphia, Moderne has just moved to a sprawling showroom in the up-and-coming Port Richmond neighborhood. Yet again acting as a trailblazer, the gallery is the first tenant to occupy the recently renovated The Showrooms at 2220 complex. The move coincides with its 35th anniversary. 

Moderne's new sprawling flagship showcases the entirely of its comprehensive collection.

(Courtesy Moderne Gallery)

The repurposed 19th-century candy factory—complete with exposed brick walls and wooden beams—serves as the perfect backdrop for Moderne’s eclectic offering of limited edition designs. Vast volumes of open space play host to its extensive collection: works by everyone from Wharton Esherick, Sam Maloof, Wendell Castle, John Cederquist, Peter Voulkos, Toshiko Takaezu, Estelle Halper, Ira Winarsky, Edward Moulthrop, William Hunter and Bob Stocksdale. The new venue presents a paradigm shift in that it afford the gallery with the ability to display all of its wares at the same time.

The Showrooms at 2220 complex occupies a repurposed 19th-century candy factory in Philadephia's up-and-coming Port Richmond neighborhood.

(Courtesy Moderne Gallery)