Gen Y-chic Name Glo puts down roots in New York

Lights Shine Bright

Made famous by its collaborations with Google, Lexus, Net-A-Porter, Netflix, Revlon, and Saks Fifth Avenue—to name (but) a few—cutting edge neon company Name Glo takes the design world by storm again and again. Founded in 2014 by Sas Simon and Lena Imamura, the boutique brand opened its first brick and mortar space earlier this week.

The brand's own logo features prominently in the entrance of the new store.

(Courtesy Name Glo)

Situated in Manhattan’s edgy Lower East Side neighborhood, the new, compact Name Glo Light Bar is a sight to behold. Cast in a floor to ceiling “teal oasis” hue, the flagship’s non-nonsense design serves as the perfect backdrop to showcase neon signage and lighting.

The in-house workshop allows Name Glo to create custom fixtures.

(Courtesy Name Glo)

The locale incorporates both a showroom and production facilitates. Customers can design their own neon masterpieces by mixing and matching shapes, plexiglass elements, and handmade terrazzo-like tiles. A virtual projection allows them to test out the scale of their compositions.

A soft teal tone covers the pared-back locale's walls and ceilings to better display a wide variety of neon signs.

(Courtesy Name Glo)

A program of moveable walls facilitates this artisanal approach while also allowing the brand to transition the venue from workshop into events space in a matter of minutes.