Neolith opens a model apartment showroom in Castellón, Spain to display its full range

Stone Cold Fox

Spanish surfaces giant Neolith debuts its HQ Showroom in the coastal region of Castellón, Spain. Modeled like a luxury apartment—complete with sleek test kitchens and sprawling bathrooms—the interior evokes a more convivial than clinical atmosphere that is too often the industry-standard. Designed by the sintered stone pioneer’s inhouse architect Giuliana Barandiarán, the new showroom incorporates Neolith’s full gamut.


High-end furnishings, fixtures, and fittings from B&B Italia, Doca, Flos, Jacuzzi, Louis Poulsen, and PITT help accentuate floor-to-ceiling finishes: Neoliths latest and most innovative patterns that can be fabricated to cover expansive areas.


A two-tone bar is clad in strips of Nero Marquina Polished and New York-New York products which add gloss and depth to the geometric patchwork scheme. While a monolithic test kitchen incorporates a PITT Cooking range within Amazonico built-in shelves, a stunning bathroom is cloaked in Mar Del Plata, Neolith’s most exotic and highly grained surface. La Bohème, Calacatta Gold, and Nero tiles are cut to resemble floorboards and make up symmetrical parquettes.

Flourishes and finishing touches found throughout the showroom demonstrate the versatility of the manufacturers’ dynamic product line even further. A reproduction of Magritte’s famous Son of Man painting was created using carved slabs of Basalt Black. Custom furnishings like a polygonal shelf, sculpted in Strata Argentum, also act as focal points.


“Establishing a physical presence globally has been crucial to engaging with our audience, boosting awareness and sales. Nowhere is this more important than at our head office, where we receive visitors on a daily basis, from distributors and fabricators to architects, specifiers, clients, and media,” said Neolith CSMO Mar Esteve Cortes. “Alongside the factory, Neolith HQ Showroom provides essential context, offering a wide-ranging exploration of what can be accomplished when using our surfaces.”