Spa worthy rain showers, chromotherapy included

Splish, Splash

Ametis By Davide Oppizzi GRAFF

The latest rain showers bring water drenching experiences that also reduce the amount of water being used. These luxurious bathing fixtures are outfitted with health-focused features including chromotherapy, aromatherapy, and customizable water flow.

Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 by Nebia


Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 By Nebia Moen
(Courtesy Moen)

Ametis by Davide Oppizzi


Ametis By Davide Oppizzi GRAFF
(Courtesy GRAFF)

Left: As the story goes, San Francisco-based startup Nebia launched its second Kickstarter in February 2019 with the follow-up to its Nebia Spa Shower: Nebia 2.0 is a fixture that brings the sensation of more water while using significantly less. This is made possible by automatization, a process of condensing water into mist-sized droplets. The effect results in incredible water savings, while, at the same time, brings on the sensation of being completely drenched. In Nebia’s attempt to achieve its ambitious goal of collectively saving one billion gallons of water by 2021, the startup partnered with Moen to manufacture Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 and make it available worldwide.

Right: Featuring a brand new matte white powder coating, GRAFF‘s Ametis shower column features a six-color, full-spectrum LED RGB chromotherapy lighting experience powered entirely without electricity. Instead, it uses an internal dynamo mechanism, meaning it derives kinetic energy from rotation. The shower column features adjustable body sprays, a hand shower, and integrated controls. Meanwhile, the overhead ring is outfitted with two water settings: cascade, for a more direct stream; and waterfall, a more all-encompassing misty spray.

RAINYCLOUD By Simone Micheli

AMA Luxury Shower

RAINYCLOUD By Simone Micheli AMA Luxury Shower
(Courtesy AMA Luxury Shower)



Acquafit Fantini
(Courtesy Fantini)



RAINMOON Dornbracht
(Courtesy Dornbracht)

Left: AMA Luxury Shower‘s Rainycloud shower includes a set of three overhead modules whose flow ranges from a dewy mist to a spritely rainfall, to a tropical storm. Each jet is equipped with chromotherapy and aromatherapy features that are customizable via a PLC control unit. The modular stainless steel shower heads can be combined in various configurations, “breaking the grid,” so to speak.

Middle: Installed directly in the ceiling, Fantini‘s Acquafit rain shower brings a truly “overhead” rainfall experience. With four color RBG LED lights, the fixture features various preset illuminated programming. These functions, along with a range of water pressure settings, are controlled by a backlit touch control board split into three modes: “Color,” “Feel,” and “Light.”

Right: Lit by a hidden light strip, illuminated drops of water create a shower experience like no other. Featuring two spray pressures, the low flow features a large, soft round water stream, while the higher flow creates a more concentrated, powerful stream.