AN Interior Summer 2019

Issue Release

Summer is normally not a time for reflecting. Why would we reflect on the cold weather of the last six months? Instead, let’s look forward to sunny skies, warm days, and cool ice cream by the beach.

But the start of summer is also when we get the first glimpses of what is next in the design world. This year’s Milan Design Week brought a fresh crop of designers and concepts that make us feel good about the future. We explore some of these trends in our Milan products coverage (page 44) as well as in a roundup of some of our favorite architectural installations (page 84).

In our survey of the best commercially available products, we identify trends by emerging designers who are setting the tone for the industry. From baroque extravagance to monolithic material experiments, these trends can be seen echoing through product design. These developments are exciting for us at AN Interior, and seem to point toward a focus on concept and visual extremism and away from minimalism or Scandinavian restraint.

We hope that our ongoing coverage of the most cutting-edge work will help architects and interior designers push the boundaries of what we know about furniture and other domestic artifacts, which can greatly enhance the interior architecture we love. Expanding knowledge of the design industry and cross-pollinating it with the architecture world is one of our goals for this magazine, and we hope this issue will serve as a helpful guide to encourage architects to be more experimental with their specifications.

Studiopepe’s Manifesto Project took place inside of a 1900s gold-manufacturing industrial space. Here, in a basement swatched in a sea of white, Società Mantica held a set of symbolic divination objects read by a tarot card reader. At the heart of the installation, a diegetic soundscape washes over the pitter-patter of crunching feet walking atop a bed of salt crystals. (Giuseppe Dinnella)

In this Issue:


  • NYCxDesign: Highlights for New York’s spring design season.


  • Open Architecture


  • PLY+: A new chapel by PLY+ is suffused with light.


  • Beirut Travelogue


  • Tile Style
  • Milan Design Week: We look at the most innovative and exciting installations and products that will define the future of interior design and architecture.


  • Spirited Away: Studio Malka Architecture designs a creative space for Pernod Ricard’s thinktank in Paris.
  • Heart of Grass: A house in Washington,D.C. by questions what it means to be “environmental.”
  • Smooth Sailing: Inaba Williams makes subtle moves to maximize space in a Brooklyn penthouse.
  • Plyed and True: Plywood is on center stage in SABO project’s Paris duplex project.


  • Exhibition Design Today
  • Derrick Adams
  • Architects in Milan

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