Anything but standard: the latest kitchen systems

Cucina Colore

+SEGMENTO Y Poggenpohl

The new fashion of modular kitchens mixes natural marbles, metals, and woods with artificially engineered surfaces. Clever storage, ample counter space, and other practical details will delight those keen on cooking.

DADA Ratio by Vincent Van Duysen
Ratio by Vincent Van Duysen, DADA (Courtesy DADA)

Combine By Piero Lissoni Boffi
Combine By Piero Lissoni, Boffi (Courtesy Boffi)

Right: Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen considers the often forgotten parts of the kitchen with unexpected corner solutions, central islands, and accessory units. Integrating spaces for cooking and eating, DADA‘s latest Ratio kitchen system seamlessly integrates snack counters, washing stations, and worktop systems.

Left: Made of three block-shaped units, Boffi‘s Combine kitchen system can be combined in endless multifaceted arrangements. The island can be paired with an extending dining table—optionally topped with the brand’s signature cutting boards, trays, and sink/tabletop accessories.

Oilcloth Island By Andrew Hays and Kimm Kovac Arteim
Oilcloth Island By Andrew Hays and Kimm Kovac, Arteim (Courtesy Arteim)

FILA lineadecor
FILA, lineadecor (Courtesy lineadecor)

Right: Swathed in natural veined stone, this new kitchen island takes inspiration from a thick canvas polished with pumice and soaked in linseed oil; a technique developed in the Middle Ages for hygienic food preperation. Arteim custom engineers each Oilcloth Island structure to span widths and lengths in vast and small spaces alike.

Left: Turkey-based kitchen fabricator lineadecor brings simplicity to the kitchen with a handle-free design. The high gloss lacquered FILA doors are offered in an impressive array of cool and warm hues.


Riquadro By Mario Mazzer Snaidero
Riquadro By Mario Mazzer, Snaidero (Courtesy Snaidero)

SLX PURE, SieMatic (Courtesy SieMatic)

Right: With sideboards, cabinets, and open shelving units, Snaidero‘s Riquadro storage unit is supported by a sturdy brushed anodized aluminum frame. LEDs are placed in the nooks and crannies where shrouds of light are refracted by its glass surfaces.

Left: Completely handle-free, the drawers and cabinets of SieMatic‘s SLX PURE kitchen feature ergonomic recessed grips hidden from plain sight. The luxurious kitchen system is available in a sumptuous material palette, including anodized gold bronze and stainless steel.

FOLD By Martin Steininger Steininger
FOLD By Martin Steininger, Steininger (Courtesy Steininger)

Maxima 2.2 Cesar
Maxima 2.2, Cesar (Courtesy Cesar)

Right: Inspired by origami, German kitchen design studio Steininger designed this kitchen island with a completely concealable bar, sink, stove, and storage drawers. Each zone of the FOLD unit is activated by sensors to conceal its various functions.

Left: Designed in Italy, Cesar‘s modular kitchen features heat-treated oak cabinet doors and Dekton worktops. Customizable elements include an optional breakfast bar, storage, and fittings; available in a plethora of different colors and materials.

Mia By Carlo Cracco Scavolini
Mia By Carlo Cracco, Scavolini (Courtesy Scavolini)

Space Theory
Space Theory (Courtesy Space Theory)

Right: Italian kitchen purveyor Scavolini teamed up with Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco to design a professional kitchen that can operate on a domestic scale.  Featuring exposed storage throughout, elements of Mia, like the overhanging extraction ventilation system, are outfitted with visible disk racks.

Left: Space Theory is the brainchild of San Francisco-based kitchen design studio Henrybuilt. The new platform offers fully customizable kitchens, in various modular configurations, and an impressive lineup of accompanying accessories.

Logica Celata By Gabriele Centazzo Valcucine
Logica Celata By Gabriele Centazzo, Valcucine (Courtesy Valcucine)

R.I.G. Modules - Kitchen By Mikal Harrsen MA/U Studio
R.I.G. Modules - Kitchen By Mikal Harrsen, MA/U Studio (Courtesy MA/U Studio)

Right: Equipped with an electric door, Valcucine‘s full-service kitchen unit opens and closes on demand. Inside, there are all the typical bells and whistles like a washer, sink, cutlery storage, etc. Notable features include circadian rhythm backlighting, customizable bar storage, and versatile powering hubs.

Left: Featuring accessories like drawers with dividers, ladle racks, and glass holders,  MA/U Studio‘s open-facing system is designed for storage in the kitchen adjoining rooms.

Header image: German kitchen brand Poggenpohl named this kitchen system, +SEGMENTO Y, for its modular configuration.