Cactus develops a demystified look for skincare brand Ever/body

Coated Candor

Brooklyn and Rio-based Cactus has gained a reputation for developing interiors that strategically blend its expertise in architecture and software engineering. Whether developing a dramatic scheme for an interactive cycle-gym or a bold concept for immersive pop-up exhibition Color Factory, the firm imbues each project with a sense of experiential enhancement. For its latest project, the outfitting of skincare brand Ever/body‘s first New York “studio” locale, Cactus translated this same meticulous attention to detail to create a scheme that helps embolden the company’s image.

The new Ever/body clinic brings a welcomed sense of calm to New York's hurried SoHo neighborhood.

(Courtesy Cactus)

Amidst the saturated dermatological market, in which conflicting advice often confuses consumers, Ever/body seeks to destigmatize high-performance beauty. Simplifying the cause and effect of skin-born ailments and desired results, the young brand offers clear solutions. This no-nonsense approach to product and service development informed Cactus’s intervention and in turn, informed the brand’s visual identity. The firm conceived a design that injects modernity into a relaxing haven; soothing clients as if they were entering a spa or traditional Japanese Onsen.

Bold accents such as color blotches and green walls add depth to the white wall environment.

(Courtesy Cactus)

Located in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood, the boutique-like clinic draws in the city’s discerning residence with a bright white and color-accented interior. Biophilic elements—including geometrically-delineated green walls— reinforce the trustworthy environment that Ever/Body is hoping to foster. Cactus developed a modular scheme in which each intimate treatment room acts as interchangeable pods. These kitted-out and easily fitted rooms-within-rooms are clad in teal-colored boards, elegantly adorned in a random, sallow-recessed stripe motif. Midtone wood surfaces complement color blotches on the walls and help create additional depth.

A recessed stripe motif carries through the entire space, adding a level of tempered sophistication to the overall concept.

(Courtesy Cactus)

Header image: Geometric furnishings play off of more organic finishes found throughout space. What might seem like a jarring juxtaposition of elements is instead cleverly calibrated to create a serene setting. (Courtesy Cactus)