Donald Glover and Bestor Architecture deliver a playful boba tea cafe, Jellyman

Bubbly and Bright

Donald Glover, a.k.a. singer and rapper Childish Gambino, is getting into the restaurant business. His boba tea cafe, Jellyman, opened in the Silver Lake area of L.A., and there’s been a constant queue. Not only are the drinks beautiful, but the playful shop was designed by Bestor Architecture.

Arched portals create an indoor and outdoor space that features train station seating, embracing the history of the 1920’s building (Courtesy HANA)

A full-size Jellyman character designed by McFetridge sits inside the cafe (Courtesy HANA)

A generous front window welcomes you in to sit at casual bench seating. Within, there’s warmth from wood paneling and boba-like Mexican tiles by Ceramico Suro. Now this is America.

Custom graphic tiles playfully reference the boba in the drinks (Courtesy HANA)

A unique chromatic lighting design is synced to the sunset and seasonal diurnal cycle (Courtesy HANA)