Feuerstein Quagliara puts its own twist on the traditional side-gable house

Minimal Me This

Deep within New York’s Catskills region, this reinterpreted American side-gable house casts an impressive profile. Set back on a 45-acre lot, the black-stained, pine-clad structure incorporates a diverse set of interior environments with expansive views of pastoral farmland. Brooklyn-based firm Feuerstein Quagliara implements a so-called “program bar” that makes the most of the site’s undulating perch and southern exposure.

The main communal living space is flanked by a curtain of south-facing glass doors. (Anna Ritsch)

Bedroom blocks are offset on either side of the main core. Covered alcoves form private patios. (Anna Ritsch)

Extruded along an east-west axis, the house segments into six equal blocks: a guest bedroom, entry foyer, dining room, kitchen, living room, and master suite. As the more intimate bedrooms offset from the central array, residual alcoves and impromptu patios form within the core’s recesses. Tieing the home together, the gabled roof evenly covers both indoor and outdoor spaces and creates a crystalline mass. Sliding glass doors maintain an even flow throughout the entire interior and forge a strong connection with the exterior.

An mix of birch wood built-ins, white walls and ceilings, and polished concrete floors and countertops creates the perfect backdrop for statement piece furnishings.

(Anna Ritsch)

Anchoring both bedrooms on either side is a central communal core. This main, open-plan living space has large skylights and vaulted ceilings. Two Baltic birch kitchen islands float in the center of the space and delineate between a lounge and dining room on either side. A clever interplay of stark white walls, wooden built-ins, and polished concrete floors and countertops makes for a minimalist yet inviting interior scheme. The same contrast of materials and textures carries through to the home’s bathrooms, where custom wooden cube tubs sit pretty in the white-tiled volumes.


Axonometric drawings and floor plans reveal the home’s segmented massing.

(Courtesy Feuerstein Quagliara)