Kvadrat launches a new landscape and travel inspired Kinnasand curtain and carpet collection

Keep On Turning

“Sitting on a train, we often see passing sceneries as a rush of color,” Isa Glink said. “When we’re up in the air on a plane, we’re able to see different landscapes and traces of man’s influence on the environment. When we drive, we’re hopefully looking forward but what we see in our peripheral vision are stripes and grids. When we walk, we’re able to slow down and zoom into nature on a microscopic level. Altogether, these different scales form a telescopic and panoramic view of earth.”



The Hamburg-based Kinnasand creative director was describing her new Spheres collection, a vast range of textile variations set for use as curtains and carpets. Available in everything from nylon-like blends to tensile open structure and twill weaves, the new product line is cast in a color range spanning from soft, muted, and earthy hues to sharp neon tone and photo transfer motifs.

Kanon Pattern Plow (Courtesy Kvadrat)

Swell (Courtesy Kvadrat)

“I arrived at this theme for this year’s collection out of the observation of my own horizon and how those around me travel,” Glink explained. “I arrived at the theme for this year’s collection out of the observation of my own horizon, what I see when moving around but also how those around me travel. Conditions of transit affect us in different ways and alter our awareness. Our minds are flooded with information all the time but it’s not always a bad thing.

Kanon Pattern Rake (Courtesy Kvadrat)

Lavo (Courtesy Kvadrat)

“Why not try and freeze these contemplative moments as a means of reminding ourselves of what we might have seen but quickly forgot? What carries through these different reflections are patterns we can identify,” she adds. “There are similar structures apparent in bodies of water and planes of sand. For this collection, we wanted to highlight and transfer these transcendent motifs, structures, and textures into textile form. Different woven techniques but also the inherent nature of weaving lends itself to this process.”

Domain (Courtesy Kvadrat)

The collection plays on the complexity and tension between micro and macro scales and degrees of perspective. The organic flow of natural ecologies contrast the densities of agriculture and industry. Traveling down to earth, intricate materials bring to mind the microstructures, shades, and details in soil. The juxtaposition of refined natural and man-made materials further reflect the interactions of man and nature.

Zone (Courtesy Kvadrat)

Linen, wool, and cotton evoke sensuous qualities, whereas constructed components, such as flame retardant yarns, reference culture. The new range not only represents a vast offering of fabrics but also new yarns and the combined implementation of seemingly disparate but effective artisanal techniques. Ultimately, Sphere explores how movement, through increasingly rapid methods of travel, informs our understanding of planet earth.

Installation view at the Ebeltoft, Denmark headquaters of Kvadrat; parent company of Kinnasand (I Do Art Agency)

Kinnasand is the residential brand within the Kvadrat universe. Originally from Kinna in southern Sweden, the company produces subtle yet clear Nordic designs for contemporary homes. The Kinnasand collection comprises premium quality curtains and handwoven and hand-knotted rugs. Characterized by outstanding craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail and tactile structures, these are crafted from the finest materials by world-leading manufacturers and artisans.