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Smart Toliets

TOTO Neorest NX2 Dual Flush Toilet

With spa-like washing capabilities, automated self-cleaning, and other features, these smart toilets create a frictionless bathroom environment.

Eir Kohler Available early 2020
Anker by Kohler; Available early 2020 (Courtesy Kohler)

AT200 LS SpaLet DXV
AT200 LS SpaLet by DXV (Courtesy DXV

Left: Kohler’s Eir intelligent toilet features a one-click activated water filtration system that purifies the water sprayed by the bidet wand, removing contaminants like heavy metals and chlorine. Moreover, the filtration acts as a self-protecting process that prevents build-up from sediments and minerals.

Right: It’s electric! The new AT200 LS SpaLet is designed for a completely automated experience with features that are easily adjustable. Of these lavish functions, the most notable include front and back spray cleaners, adjustable temperature and water settings, and a blue light that uses Plasmacluster technology to circulate air. Additionally, a soft atmospheric light frames the edges of the seat and bowl, creating an illuminating glow to guide users at night.

Muse iWashIntegrated Bidet Toilet Icera
Muse iWash Integrated Bidet Toilet by Icera (Courtesy Icera)

SensoWash i By Philippe Starck Duravit
SensoWash i By Philippe Starck by Duravit; Available winter 2019(Courtesy Duravit)

Left: Icera’s Muse iWash Integrated Bidet Toilet pairs function with downright comfort. Each unit is outfitted with a grandiose cleaning utility and deodorizer, which includes an automated flush for a truly touchless experience. Meanwhile, a heated seat and warm air dryer are just a few of the customizable functions that can be saved in preset profiles on the backlit remote control.

Right: Beyond beauty, Duravit’s SensoWash i integrated shower-toilet brings your bum pleasantly unexpected luxuries, including touchless opening, a warm air dryer, and odor extraction. These functions are all operated via the remote control or SensoWash app—both store personal preferences on different user profiles.

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TOTO’S illuminated Neorest NX2 Dual Flush Toilet is equipped is ACTILIGHT, a bacteria-neutralizing ultraviolet light. Furthermore, the toilet is fired in titanium, initiating a photocatalytic process in the toilet bowl that actively breaks down pesky microscopic particles. Other, more decadent features include a front and back bidet, a remote control/touchless sensor lid, and a heated/cooled seat.