SR Projects designs Standard Dose’s breezy wellness complex in New York

Remedy This

Pink curvilinear walls, bold terrazzo volumes, neoclassical arced alcoves, and lush plant accents help create a serene setting for CBD retailer Standard Dose‘s wellness center. Set in New York’s Nomad district, the new multi-level venue provides costumers with a fully-immersive and calming experience that allows them to cut-away and detox from the urban grind.

SR Project employed a simple yet impactful design vocabulary for this new wellness center (David Mitchell)

Cleverly distributed in this tropical oasis are tea bars, product display cases, and consultancy booths; an upcoming spa treatment room, and an outdoor rooftop lounge dedicated to daily yoga classes, meditation sessions, and educational workshops. CeoLux skylights further enhance the therapeutic quality of this secluded complex. This architectural detail visually reproduced the behavior of the earth’s atmosphere and is proven to support mental restorative processes, reduce stress, heighten a sense of comfort and emotional wellbeing, and enhance cognitive functions. All of the attributes are harder and harder to come by in a demanding city like New York.

A rooftop lounge is dedicated to yoga and mediation. A CeoLux sklight helps provide customers with a sense of relaxation (David Mitchell)

“This space is a physical manifestation of the Standard Dose brand. It’s a calm escape built around guiding and educating consumers on ways to soothe, balance, and alleviate through CBD and plant-based wellness” Standard Dose founder Anthony Saniger. “We want to encourage an informed and honest dialogue about CBD and bring clarity by elevating the standard in a space that is still widely unregulated and misguided.”