And And And retools a West Coast law office into a warm, inviting interior

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In Los Angeles’s Century City Commercial District, an entertainment law firm approached boutique design office And And And to renovate its dreary, high-rise corporate office. It wanted a more homey place where it might lure all those reluctant remote workers seeking work–life balance back to the office. With its medium-toned, white-oak wall paneling, custom office dividers, wool carpets, plush sofas and chairs, brick-tiled library, and pine-green accent walls, the office took on the color palette of a dark-hued 1970s living room.

“We were hired in part because there was this reevaluation of what is office space,” And And And principal Annie Ritz told AN Interior. “We wanted to bring a totally different feeling to what an office could be. We wanted to bring some of that warm home feel to it. But especially in the lounge, for example, there’s a little bit of almost a hotel lobby as a reference.”

(Chris Mottalini)

Here, the customarily prized spot of the corner office has been converted into a welcoming place for gathering: Ritz and coprincipal Daniel Rabin convinced the firm to dedicate the most prized views, best light, and most concrete symbol of power to wider occupation. It’s a bit of Silver Lake transferred to the upper echelons of corporate-law hierarchy.

“Their former offices were all closed off,” Ritz remembered. “The interior had no natural light connection. Just getting them into those window perimeter areas was a big achievement because, of course, those are coveted office spaces, but for everybody’s access to natural light, that was huge.”

Tan oak furthers the 1970s feel created by rounded corners and an Angelo M marble table from Alinea Designs. (Chris Mottalini)

The entry is finished with chevron-patterned, white-oak floors, Bassam Fellows sling lounge chairs, and an Angelo M marble table from Alinea Designs. A ruby-tiled reception desk with rounded corners greets staff and visitors. Beyond, a long hall of glass-walled offices with tan-oak millwork still offers plenty of room for privacy and hierarchy, while allowing daylight to filter in from the outdoors.

The law office is “well established, and some people definitely were reluctant to see their space get downsized,” Rabin said. “but then once it was all completed, everybody kind of got on board.”


(Chris Mottalini)

(Chris Mottalini)

The ceilings in the lounge and library are all lined in beige oak. The L-shaped lounge with a kitchenette and round lunch table has a green quartzite countertop and backsplash with pronounced veining and matching medium-toned oak cabinetry. Bullnose Rombini tiles cover the structural columns in the conference room, which is bordered with a modern wraparound sofa. It resembles the firm’s California modern, single-family-home domestic interiors, but it deliberately resisted the vogue for Danish-style light wood finishes.

“The lounge area was a big triumph. We were able to work with the client and show them how that fabulous corner space could be transformed into a group space with the ability to section off for more informal meetings” Rabin said. “Everybody now agrees that’s a lovely space and an important part of the project.”

And And And prioritized natural light, a welcome contrast to the firm’s previous artificially lit spaces. (Chris Mottalini)

The library decor is the pièce de résistance in this homage to the values of another age: Its pine-colored walls, puffy Bras.lia chairs from Menu, Arflex sofas, and Philipe Malouin sofa for SCP all suggest a nod to the ideas of comfort and well-being that have become the new norm for commercial office space.

Will And And And’s materially rich interior nurse the nostalgia of all those midcareer Gen X-, Y-, and Zers and lure them back to the workplace? The answer is to be determined, but for now, at least, this office offers ample natural light, a touch of greenery, and comfortable spaces for working.