BlazysGérard imbues Montreal’s new Dandy restaurant with simplicity and refinement

Arch de Chef

Local interior design firm BlazysGérard has converted a former insurance office into Montreal’s latest breakfast and lunch hotspot Dandy; celebrated chef Michael Tozzi first venture out on his own. The monumental restaurant balances an unpretentious atmosphere with a touch of class; achieved through the running theme of arches and circular elements. The design practice identified this design motif in the space’s large pre-existing, street-facing windows and carried through the implementation of structural details, bespoke pendant lamps, and oversized mirrors.

Derived from the interior's large preexisting windows, arches were used as a running thread throughout the design of the new restaurant.

(Adrien Williams)

The enfilade-esque restaurant incorporates all of its dining tables, chairs, and banquets in one central two-row volume with a sequence of mobile-like, two-prong, arch-shaped lamps running above; that evoke structural room-diving archways on either side. Altogether, this scheme cuts an impressive profile. But however bold in geometric expression the concept might be, Dandy’s design is intended to act as an unimposing backdrop canvas for its clientele.

A large mirror helps spread natural light throughout the space. (Adrien Williams)

The enfilade-like interior is anchored by two structural archways. (Adrien Williams)

Rather than overwhelm the space with a heavy-handed use of materials or colors, BlazysGérard chose to champion the space’s abundant access to natural light and create an airy atmosphere. A large circular mirror and windows bounce this innate element throughout the space. Refinement is evoked in the use of terrazzo flooring, classic white oak tambor finishes, recessed walls, black trimming, and a sharp orange-red tone along the restaurant’s bar countertop.