Calico Wallpaper and Stellar Works co-retail in New York’s storied Pearl Paint building

Better Together

Many months in the making, the new flagship of Stellar Works and Calico Wallpaper outpost has opened in the historic Tribeca building once occupied by the beloved, long-defunct Pearl Paint art supply store. Both illustrious design brands—often grabbing headlines with their dynamic wares—decided to join forces late last year and adopt the now popular co-retail model. The mutual benefits of this approach are wide-reaching, especially in the post-pandemic climate. While Calico Wallpaper continues to produce sought-after hand-painted collections, Stellar Works’s high-profile collaborations grow its already robust offering of well-crafted, soberly-styled furniture and lighting. Transforming 4,000 square feet of post-industrial Italianate storefront was a labor of love.

The new shared showroom makes ample use of the historic post industrial building's ground floor.

Facing both the rapidly transforming Canal Street and parallel Lispenard Street with its crop of art and design galleries, the new showroom will also serve as an office for both companies. Neighbors include Patrick Parrish Gallery, R & Company, Colony, Roll & Hill, and retail restaurant concept Roman and Williams Guild. Art galleries have flocked to upper Tribeca over the past few months for its more favorable real estate and low rent costs. Opening the multifaceted space on October 1st, the brands deftly choose their moment. New York is yet again buzzing with activity and industry events happening almost every night.

Curvilinear storefront platforms bring depth the sprawling space.

A custom pull out display unit contains many of Calico Wallpaper's designs.

(Matthew Williams)

Cast in trendy, season-appropriate shades, the opening display masterfully pairs Calico Wallpaper’s new Hudson Valley-inspired Noir Collection with Stellar Work’s debut of the Space Invader series—developed with Italian designer Luca Nichetto. The deeply textured and nature-inspired wallcoverings were created in partnership with French polymath Sam Baron, Swiss-based American talent Ini Archibong, Dutch powerhouse Sabine Marcelis, and Milanese mainstay Dimorestudio. The two brands cross over in their collaborations through Chinese architects Neri & Hu, Stellar Works creative directors, who conceived the Vermeer colorway for Calico Wallpaper.

Various groups of furniture help bring depth and detail to the expansive space while a dedicated pull-out display case contains a prolific range of wallpaper designs. The rear space will eventually be used as a project space and feature temporary showcases. The lower level will feature a shared workspace. For Calico Wallpaper founders Nick and Rachel Cope, this store is their first brick and mortar space. It also offers them a chance to show that their products are not just for residential application but also targeted to the contract market.