GrizForm Design Architects blends Texan and Mexican inspiration for Ometeo restaurant

Tex-Mex Style

Ometeo interior

Tex-Mex cuisine and the cultures that bookend the genre’s hyphen are uplifted at a new restaurant in Tysons, Virginia, by Washington, D.C.—based studio GrizForm Design Architects. The name Ometeo is derived from Nahuatl, an Indigenous language from Central Mexico spoken by the Aztecs, symbolizing the connection between Texas and Mexico. The bright, tiled space is decorated with handcrafted and vintage objects and features a cozy upper mezzanine for private dining.

bar with plants spilling over top
The dining rooms are decorated with antique, vintage, and handmade artisan goods (Kristopher Ilich)

dining area and bar space in Ometeo
Yellow, cream, orange, and purple acoustic panels clad the walls to evoke kernels of heritage corn, while a tiled archway leads to a dining platform (Kristopher Ilich)

couches and chairs in Ometeo
The upper mezzanine acts as a more intimate speakeasy for guests (Kristopher Ilich)

Terra-cotta lines the floors as well as some of the lighting fixtures (Kristopher Ilich)