Office of Things reimagines the Hampton Chutney into community-focused eatery, Doubles

Dual Dining

The name Doubles is apt for this new Caribbean-inspired eatery in Amagansett, New York, as it is one of the few restaurants open year-round in the Hamptons, serving double duty as both summer destination and everyday local watering hole. Located in a beloved space of the former Hampton Chutney, the design by Manhattan-based Office of Things in collaboration with Francesco Galetto, pays tribute to the past while making space for the communities of Amagansett today. “The role of the restaurant as an anchor of the community is critical here,” explained Office of Things’ cofounder and co-principal Can Vu Bui.

The architects added doors and extended the bar from the pre-existing Hamptons Chutney (Nicholas Venezia)

To accommodate various seasonal uses—large groups in the summer, evening events, and intimate dining in the winter—the design centers around an open kitchen wrapped by a long brass and mahogany counter, providing a natural flow for diners. “By adding doors and extending the bar deep into the kitchen area, customers are able to move freely between indoors and out,” said co-principal Lane Rick, referencing the outdoor picnic table seating. Handcast terra-cotta tiles replaced worn-through wood floors inside, contrasting with the subtle sheen of a new brass bar top. The result is metered by duality: welcoming yet elegant, informal and refined.

Custom brass sconces allude to the design’s maritime influence while accentuating the gable roof (Nicholas Venezia)

Continuing the dual motif, the floors feature two types of tiling (Nicholas Venezia)

Heavy terra-cotta and graphic wood emphasize the heft of the flooring (Nicholas Venezia)

“Each aspect of the design is deliberate and considered, but not precious,” said Rick. “It leaves space for innovation and exploration.” The flexible design is apt for an eatery that doubles as so much more than a place to grab a bite.